Aquarium owner shows how he added a sandfall, or sand waterfall

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Pretty cool, but you should soak those cemented rocks in a tank separate from any fish for a while before you put it in the same water with anything delicate. It will leach some caustic chemicals for a while until it’s fully cured.


And here I am with one goldfish that I can barely keep from getting finrot every few weeks.


Amazing, almost as amazing as the waterfall of advertisements on the page, an advertisementfall if you will.

I love Boingboing. I’ve purchased through the Boingboing store. I’ve clicked through adds and clicked through affiliate links. I get the need for advertising, but 2 pop ups, several identical advertisements, ads breaking up content with advertisements along with a side of advertisements seems over done today. That’s not including the advertisements you can’t control like YouTube. It all seems like I am reading something from the low points of Yahoo news, AOL or Compuserve.

As to the actual sandfall aquarium, neat! I could watch that for quite a while. It is the kind of thing I expect to see at restaurants and hotel lobbies when wold opens up post COVID 19.

Edit to add the proper number of pop-ups that came up.


That’s beautiful! Based on my experience owning a much smaller aquarium, I can only assume that that minute and a half was the entirety of his day not spent on scraping algae, mucking out fish poop and otherwise maintaining the tank to get it to look so nice.


I can’t say that I was expecting to encounter decorative slurry loops for the home this afternoon; but here we are.

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