King Tut's maladies and shortened life attributed to incest


This is a obvious case of anti-incest bias.


They also found in his tomb two miscarried fetuses, which they think might also have been caused by his being married to his sister. They practiced a form of royal intermarriage so there were many generations of intermarriage in his lineage.


I don’t understand this website’s purpose. This is barely an article – more like one long headline, with the reminder that something about it is going to be on a TV channel which I can’t get – basically, one paragraph-long teaser for a TV show. Am I missing something here? What is with the comparatively huge button entitled “Discuss”? There is barely enough material here to make up a tiny TV-Guide-type listing, let alone something to discuss.

This is supposed to be “content,” for a website that bills itself as, or appears to be, some kind of tech-related, odds-and-sods place to go, but I’m afraid that . . . umm . . . it just doesn’t work, on any level.

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See that blue text below the summary? That’s called a “hyperlink”, or just “link”. You “click” on it to “link” to the article being summarized. And may I be the first to say, welcome to the internet! Have a look around, I think you’ll like it here!


The text says: "Details will be presented in the BBC documentary “Tutankhamun: the Truth Uncovered”. That merely tells me that I’ll find out more about the “details” in a BBC documentary.

It’s completely unclear and unsaid that the full article will be revealed if you click that link. Or maybe the part that says “Read full article here” is written in invisible pixels.

I suppose we’re just supposed to “assume.”

He’s the wrong color!

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Yes, StoobyDoo, I agree. He should be blacker, since the Ancient Egyptians were a black people.

Hat tip to Cheikh Anta Diop.

Its the common language/structure of aggregation based blogs. And has been for better than a decade. Its also not that different than the common structure and language of the entire internet. If its blue (or otherwise colored differently from the main body text) its a link and will take you to more information.

You only have to “assume” if you’ve never actually seen the internet before.

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But, but, he’s my favorite honky!


Well, for whatever its worth, I find it a really interesting story. And I’ve been a regular reader for years. But maybe, like all great things, this website isn’t for everyone?

it just doesn’t work, on any level.

Lets just say I disagree with you there.

(A list of other) people who are disappointed with Boing Boing


Shouldn’t the cane have been in his left hand, considering the situation with his left foot?

Not if he’s using it correctly.


I was expecting more people on that list. Sheeesh…

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Clearly a god among men.

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Geneticists have thousands of years of proof that there are DNA differences between north Africans and sub-Saharan Africans.

Having said that, the point of the two handheld scepters and dual crown in Egypt was to indicate the linkage between the upper and lower Nile, which included what we now think of as northern Sudan. And yes, they were/are much darker skinned (among other things).

Only 4 pages? No way!

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