A new theory for the death of King Tut


Killed while driving his chariot?

I bet he was texting.


Why a race? The bit I saw on this suggested he was deliberately run over during battle. This seems more likely to me, since the damage was to his front: he was facing the wheel which hit him.

Karl Pilkington was right again!

Because he was 19 years old, and racing the bucket of rust their parents gave them for transportation is all kids of that age do.


I remember seeing the x-ray during the last King Tut tour and read the information plaque which indicated he had had a broken leg at some point, but experts at that point didn’t think that’s what killed him. And it was a reasonably intact skeleton as I recall…not all banged up from an accident.

How would they miss the signs (and possibly smells) of combustion?

I saw the last exhibition too. His chariot is so beautiful. I believe he had some kind of birth defect of his leg too, am I remembering that right?

Secrets of The Dead on PBS covered this back in June. Excellent episode if you can catch it online.

I was just thinking the same thing! Also, since this was from the XFM days (wasn’t it?) it’s like 10 or more years old, since he probably read it out of some Tales of the Bizarre magazine of his mom’s and none of that is likely to be very current.

Yup, I have found that a lot of what Karl has told stories about ended up being true, if not with some of the details wrong. Very cool you remembered the Tut story from K.P! Cheers mate.

The dude’s skeleton is a bit of a mess; his sternum and lower ribcage went missing some time between the first examination and later re-exhumations. Even his height is uncertain, because the first grave-robbers archaeologists ‘disarticulated’ the mummy in the process of removing its jewellery.

The ‘surfeit of hippopotamus’ theory still enjoys currency among egyptologists. Personally I blame the Curse of the Pharaohs, which predicts an early death for anyone whose tomb is later disturbed by Howard Carter.


Even worse: sexting.


I predict an earlier death for anyone whose tomb is violated by anyone. The earlier the violation, the earlier the possibility of death.

I live with the constant fear of Howard Carter violating my mother’s tomb, causing her to die in childhood…

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