Kit that lets you build a "chaos machine"


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I covet this.

Sadly, I have a cat I serve a cat who is epileptic. He has a semi-predictable trigger from certain types of visual “noise” and I suspect this would set him off pretty reliably.

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Was hoping for kit for a Chaos Engine. I am disappoint.


If it was my cat, that would justify the price right there.

would like but still have half an hour to go on my mandatory cool down

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How about a nice, steaming hot cup of tea?


I wonder if there’s a way to model that behavior to generate complex waveforms…and what that would sound like.

That’s okay - as the parent of an epileptic child, I can tell you my comment was in bad taste and not at all funny.

I’d expect it depends on the quality of the chaos you’ve got. If it’s really good, strongly unpredictable chaos with a lot of variability in the signals possible, I’d venture a guess that it’d sound an awful lot like white noise (or pink or blue or brown noise, depending on the system’s boundaries). If there’s feedback built-in, I think it could definitely go interesting places.

Chaos? We do not need more chaos. We need a machine that sucks up chaos and sends it to some other dimension. Let’s beam that chaos over to that Klingon ship where it will not be any tribble at all.

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