Neurodreamer: open source sleeping mask/mind machine


at first glance I thought this said “Neurdometer”.

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These are my sleep goggles, dream-lensed, open sourced, and an abominable sleeper…

Neurologically-speaking, of course, a poem.


Boing Boing.



8 years in development. Sheesh, take about sleeping on the job.

Sheesh, indeed…


My stole-ometer just went off…



What would that meter, and in which metric?

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If this does anything about migraine (that is anything but triggering one) I’m sold.

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Buy me one, and I’ll report back!

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Reminder: As with any brain-hacking, it may not be benign for everyone. You’re playing with the same mechanisms as strobe-induced epileptic attacks, which can hit people with no prior history of epilepsy when they’re exposed to the wrong frequencies.

If it can have effects, it can have negative effects. Proceed carefully.

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How does this compare to the David PAL? are there any technical details on what settings it’s capable of? That website is rather sparse
(context for comparison (I have no connection beyond owning and using one, etc) )

Nerdity, in Imperial Droids.

Huh. So how long have people with ADD been deemed at-risk for strobe-induced seizures? Was reading the Sleep Mask manual (page 13) and saw ADD included in the list of usual suspects – now I really want to try one ; -) But I won’t…$70 for a 30-day warranty is too rich for me.


I made my Binaurasaurus binaural beat sound and light machine based on his tutorial on MAKE a few years back.

And then compiled an album of the entrained:

lol just reading this posting yesterday initiated a lucid dream last night.

So… it’s dangerous?

To a few people, almost certainly. To most, probably not… but I’m not sure what the percentages are on “most” and “probably”. If someone knows of real studies, I’d be delighted to find out I’m wrong, but for now I would lean toward caution. The fact that it’s “only a few lights” is not, by itself, a guarantee that it can’t do much to you.

(Then again my attitude toward recreational drugs is similar: the ones whose effects would interest me most would be the hallucinogens, but I don’t trust them worth a damn. It took decades to convince me to make necessary adjustments to my brain chemistry.)

A 30-day warranty? Jesus.

Well, from what I’m told, Jesus offers a lifetime warranty. Maybe you’re thinking of Apple, circa 1984, when insanely-expensive-holy-shit-that-costs-more-than-my-car Macs came with a mere 90-day warranty.

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