Coffee robot!

Behold, the magnificent coffeebot! Sounds like this was a timer-percolator with a thermos bottle or a hotplate, but man, what an illustration! READ THE REST

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Adding to my stash of ideas for the eventual robot tattoo sleeve. I think Coffeebot and I would be good friends.

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Reminds me of the various automatic alarm clock/tea making devices that have been made- here’s one from 1904.
(I’d post an image if BBS would let me)

Coffeebot hands me my first cup of the day in bed, then sits next to me and gently rubs my back while I’m drinking it.

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I’d like it if Coffeebot could make soothing beeps and whirring sounds to help me wake up in the morning.
(Please stop me, I’m about to abandon a major work project to start writing a story about Coffeebot…)

Robot technology back then was still rather basic, but we forget what a big breakthrough something like a bimetallic strip thermostat was. Coking ovens used to have to be shut down - they took forever to cool - then cleaned, then heated back up - at huge cost in time and energy. Adding a thermostat let them run for decades. People used to have to shovel coal and stir a fire in the morning to warm up the house, at least until “iron firemen” were developed to add coal automatically and monitor the fire using a thermostat. So, yes, we expect a lot more from our robots these days, but in those breakthrough years something like a self regulating coffee pot was pretty exciting.

This DOES compute!

It is one of the better-known syphon (aka vacuum) pots. Vac pots were quite popular in the middle of the last century, and had a resurgence in the 90s.

If it turns itself off when the coffee is done how does it keep it hot?

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