Kitchen hacks: a veggie spiralizer

This is a wonderful tool for kids or people who hate vegetables. We make a zucchini noodle pesto everyone loves. The secret is to saute the noodles, not boil. Easy to use, versatile. We love ours so much, we give them as wedding presents.

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'Tis my potato, spiralized. :wink:

Faith and Begorra!

What is “raw marinara”? Surely it’s not just…cold marinara?

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A mandolin does the same thing for the same price plus more besides. Get one and a kevlar glove so you can ditch the holder. Those never work.

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Marinara tartare. Freshly killed in the marinara forest.



SUPER-AWESOME… once you realise how not to inflict the equivalent of three quick, deep, knife cuts, half a centimetre apart on the end of your thumb.

Seriously, the early blood sacrifices are worth it to learn how to use them. Grated carrot in a salad? Bah no texture!

Not sure if you’re joking, but a mandolin is something like this:

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I was joking in that I found out that it’s a type of slicer before I posted the comment, but I actually was confused and thought @jandrese was referring to the musical instrument at first. So I decided to share my ignorance.

Yes and no. Your preference really. My wife and I own one And use it to replace pasta/spaghetti in some dishes. It’s much easier to eat a long strand twisted on a fork vs attempting to shovel short sliced segments, IMO.

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Wife and I bought one and use zucchini in place of spaghetti with tomato sauce, ground sausage and mushrooms. If prepared correctly (we salt the strands for a bit to remove some water, then heat/cook the sauce/meat/mushrooms, then throw in the zucchini strands at the end to heat (not necessarily cook) ) you can’t taste a difference and the texture is really similar.

Also much healthier - a TON (1-1.5 medium zucchini per serving) Of veggies in place of the pasta.

I just assumed that Xeni’s “they scare me” remark was about ukuleles…


Looks cool, Xeni, I remember your original post about it and was intrigued then, too. But I just have one question: does this gadget render the entire vege as spirals, or is there some kind of waste?

The one I has leaves a Cylinder of unsprialed veggi. If you look at the cutting plates pictured…there’s a mounting cylinder of metal above the cuting surface–that’s where the veggi mounts.
No big deal for most things it’s a handy snack.

I may end up getting one of these as a keto alternative to spaghetti; apparently using daikon works real well.

This post makes the incorrect assumption that I have or would ever have “paleo pals”.


This isn’t really what you asked for, but I couldn’t resist. This is a groundhog eating the long pasta-like peelings from a spiral apple peeler. He is enjoying it, but his friend in the tree is more skeptical. The pile of pasta was gone in a few hours, I think they had friends over.


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