How to make awesome butternut squash fries

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You can have my portion. How I loathe sweet orange vegetables. (shudder)


OMG there is nothing better than sweet potato fries. With a little salt, chipotle, and garlic powder - they’re so good.

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Fat bomb, big time.

Mark @frauenfelder, if you liked that, you should try deep-fried spaghetti squash. It’s also excellent!

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Wow, that sounds great.
Not that it’s the same thing, but speaking of other kinds of fries - there’s a Salvadoran place here in San Diego that makes fried Yucca chunks. Holy cow, they are good.


Wow will have to try this! Excellent suggestion.
Anyone know how to bake them rather than fry? That’s a lot of oil in fried foods.
I suppose it’s just two different things, air heating and oil immersion.

And Cassava/Yuca is super yum!
We can get that at Mi Lindo Peru in SF. Also had same thing in Fiji eons ago.
Potatoes wish they tasted so good.

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I went to a Fryday (motto: bring it, fry it, eat it) and I thought I’d mess with everyone by bringing foods that were either completely unsafe to fry or at least would be horrible if fried. Since I had both butternut and spaghetti squash on hand I took them, and put them on the donations table with the turkeys and all the other stuff, and then positioned myself near the big oil pots (which I do anyway, 'cause reasons) in order to prevent anyone tossing one in and having it go off like a grenade.

The chief cook didn’t even pause for a second, she had her minions deseed and chop up the squashes (didn’t even peel the spaghetti squash) and they fried up delicious.


How did frying in this appliance compare to frying in a basic cooking pot on the stove?

I don’t deep-fry very often, and the big issue for me is that after I do, I’ve got a pot-full of used oil to either keep in the fridge until the next time I want to fry or else dump. One of these would just sit there taking up counter space and saying “come on, you know you want to fry more stuff!”, neither of which seem to be advantages.

Yucca fries are the best fries.

The only thing better are enyucados, which are not fries exactly. They are a little bit like tamales, in that there is meat or veg at the center, completely surrounded by mashed yucca. Those are deep fried, and what comes out is amazing. An inch or two in diameter, 4 or 5 inches long. OMG, the best thing ever.

An image search showed me something else under the same name, but my uncle’s look like this, more or less:



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Soooo, what you’re saying is that they’re disgusting unless you coat them with chemicals so they taste completely different, eh? :wink:

How to make awesome butternut squash fries… use potato.

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