This crisper pan makes incredible sweet potato fries


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I love the idea of this, but I have so much cooking crap I hardly use now I’m not sure if I could justify it.

I would like to know how to fake it. Like using a roasting pan base.

Sweet potatoes rule.


Interesting, but how is it better than parchment paper on a baking sheet?


As I learned after buying this item (from the original recommendation here): even a little oil will leak out of all the holes at the bottom of the pan and smoke up your oven.


One could use a baking grill that has fairly narrow spacing so that fries don’t slip/fall through. There’s also some baking mats that might work, but i’d be worried of fries rolling off when handling the mat to/from the oven.

This crisper pan looks interesting but it’s use case seems a bit too narrow for me to consider. It’s most likely useful for people that do use their oven more often, or they entertain a lot or have kids and have a need to make a lot of baked fries and the like. I’ve been pretty happy using some metal baking trays for fries.


No unitaskers in my kitchen.



Why would they not include a catch tray as part of the pan? That’s absurd.


This CRISPR pan makes incredible sweet poTAGATTACATo fries.


Read this in Mark’s voice. RIP #Gweek! Also, I imagine a silpat or parchment on a baking sheet would work as well.


Thank you for this. Came for CRISPR joke, was not disappointed.



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