Grease splatter screen for frying pans


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I assume the notched spreader is for putting a controlled layer of lard on the pan before frying.


by far the most magical thing about these is you can use them to make Thai sticky rice - google it up, it really really works

soak for 2 hours > spread > steam for 10 min > flip > steam 10 more > magic!


The boys down in marketing missed an opportunity to call this… wait for it… wait for it… The Fry Swatter.


I don’t use the notched spreader for cooking, but for other more (ahem) personal needs…

I can attest that the splatter guard itself is a useful kitchen aid.




That’s so… Popeil.


Bought a spatter guard years ago for a buck at the Dollar Tree. Works great. I don’t understand what the “scrapers” are used for.


My avatar likes your gif.


I don’t know either, but the owls keep asking for them.


That’s all I was saying. My “owls” keep asking for them


The owls are not what they seem…


The scrapers are for scraping stuck-on food (burnt cheese, that sort of thing) off of non-nonstick pans without gumming up your steel wool. The notched one is for the ridges on oven broilers.

Splatter screens are pretty basic equipment though. What’s Mark going to marvel over next, a colander? A ladle? He’s already been amazed by locking tongs.


Mark uses a lot more products these days than he did years ago.


Indeed he does, and whilst some of them are “Cool” and may, accordingly, have their place, it seems that many are mere humdrum daily domestic cruft (such as this one), and as such are not in the least bit “Wonderful Things” deserving a place here.


Next, Mark discovers “knives” and “forks.”


It’s mostly wonderful.

Thing is, I’ve had enough friends in my life who have never seen or experienced something that I take for granted, and I myself have been exposed to new things that THOSE friends took for granted, often by mere chance. It’s not bad for people to talk about things that they are like “hey, you know, maybe someone doesn’t know about this thing that is a little specialized.”


I have one of those splatter guard things. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but I never use it.

I use those scrapers very often with my cast iron skillet. They do a good job.