Splatter screens are welcome addition to frying pans

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Hah! I had never considered using one of these as a colander.

I’ve generally found that the shield makes frying somewhat less messy but still requires cleanup. There’s value in that, of course, but folks who think they’ll get one of these and not need to deal with oil droplets outside the pan area should set their expectations accordingly. :slight_smile:


Also available at your local buck store. For a buck. :slight_smile:

(Note: The $10 one is I am sure much nicer. But if you want to run one as a proof of concept…)


I’ve strained corn through one (for this recipe). It’s great when you need more surface area or a finer mesh than your collander provides.


IKEA has one for $6 that has served faithfully–and occasionally even used!–in my home for a decade. I like the handle on the one Mark links, though.


I get them at the dollar store, too, a couple at a time. They do fall apart, but since they are also hard to clean, I treat them as semi-disposible.

Wish I’d have started using them BEFORE my kitchen was coated in a fine layer of oil. I mean, I guess frying pans could be sold with lids, but most aren’t.


For $20, the oxo is very high quality with a great handle.

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