This $10 oven crisper pan great for sweet potatoes


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Damn! Those are some sweet potatoes!

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Go for a larger sized pizza pan with hole. You’ll have more space and it’s about the same price.

Mark you live in Los Angeles. No one will notice if your skin is orange.


But will it fit in a toaster oven?

I feel badly using my full-sized oven for something like fries.

Measure what you got. According to Amazon, the pan is -
15 3/4" long x 14" wide x 1 1/4" high

If you have a gas oven, you would use less energy than using a toaster oven, likely.

Instead of drenching the slices in hot oil to fry them, I drench the slices in cold oil, and let them fry in the oven.

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I see you’ve backed off the “better than bacon” nonsense. Smart move, and I reward you with +1 credibility.


That´s racist!

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That’s New Jersey


I don’t get how this works where a nonstick pie-pan wouldn’t.

The neat thing about a hobby like cooking is you get to pick your own toolchain. It is fun and at the end you get delicious food :smile:

Try oven roasted asparagus as well, it is easy and the cleanup would be similar (recipes on google).

(Myself I am a cast iron aficionado).

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The little holes make an airflow around the item to be cooked/crisped. It’s the type if device some pizza places use…metal pans with holes to form the pizza that goes into the pizza oven. I didn’t say GOOD pizza places.
A normal pie pan would give the item a ‘soggy bottom’…and we don’t like soggy bottoms.

I love me some Soggy Bottom


toss them with some lard, better than olive oil.

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Speak fer yurself, Cleetus . . .

I use an aluminum baking pan and it works just fine. The trick is to make sure the pieces of potato aren’t all clumped on top of each other, otherwise they tend to get mushy on top. It also helps to use convection bake, if your oven has such a feature. Also, I cut the potato into fairly thin fries so they get lightly browned and slightly crispy on the outside while still being cooked all the way through.


What would happen if you did this with chopped onions?

Only one way to find out!

In fact, this is how I prepare onions for French onion soup. Roasting is roasting, no matter what the vegetable (or fruit).