The Paderno spiral vegetable peeler looks shoddy, but it is awesome



WE got one of those. And yes it is awesome. Try making Zucchini Pasta. It is really good


That sounds good. How do you cook the zucchini pasta? Just boil it?

You cut it using the spiral tube like blade. Blanch and saute with garlic. You are shooting for an al dente bite to it.


I make “noodles” of zucchini on my mandolin. Coat heavily with salt and leave in strainer over sink for 30 mins to pull out internal moisture. Put zucchini in boiling water for three minutes. Pull, drain, serve.

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I use an apple corer/peeler/spiralizer for potatoes. They are metal and about $15. What is the difference between this and that?

I have a Japanese Version of this.
It has a thread blade that makes carrot and reddish threads like you’d get as a garnish with sushi. I use the larger toothed blade to make fried potato ‘shoestrings’ and sometimes fry them between two wire strainers on a handle (Spiders) to make potato baskets. You can fill the crunchy baskets with stir fries or cooked creamed spinach and mushrooms. Or just slightly cooked crispy veggies.

For the Veggie pasta I usually make that raw and top with a bit of slightly cooked crushed tomatoes.

You had me going until “…better than bacon”. That’s when I knew you were on REAL crack.


Those cheap peelers are great when you need a few of them to deal with a lot of apples, like the school project that needed 10 gallons of applesauce (thanks a lot, teacher who didn’t realize that meant nearly 2 bushels).

I’m kinda turned on by the picture of the tuber remnants.

Mark, have you tried making taro chips with it?

I hate zucchini. Except somehow zucchini pasta works.

I find that removing as much water from the “noodles” as much as possible before sautéing them is helpful. You can do this by baking them on a cookie sheet in the oven for a bit, or by squeezing them between paper towels. This makes for a slightly less fragile noodle.

Doesn’t that affect the tuning of the strings though?


We used to have a Mouli, and it was fun making cole slaw, turning the crank and hearing it go “grrrrr…grrrrr…grrrrr”

One of our favourites, but we add a couple of chopped anchovies with the garlic and a sprinkle of dried chili flakes.

Ah, the forgotten importance of knife skills.

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This is more ideal subject matter for y’all’s Gadgets podcast, which hasn’t dropped since /November/. When will there be a new installment?

I’m trying to go low-carb but there are a couple of pasta dishes I have a hard time giving up; carbonara and pesto with shrimp. I’m on the fence between getting a spirolizer and a mandolin - the spirolizer seems like it would make better noodles, but it seems like a one-use kinda gadget and its big. The mandolin seems like it would have more uses, and it’s much more compact. Anyone have an opinion on which I should go with?

While the crank can be switched for lefties, the bar on the mechanism used to move the veggies toward the blade cannot, making this a decidedly non-left-handed-friendly contraption.

I have been using one of these for a while now and love it. There is even a blog that is dedicated to recipes using this device. I follow the rss feed and pretty much get new ideas weekly. site is