My new favorite vegetable peeler

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Eat the peels! They’re good for you!


Does anyone else imagine Mark’s kitchen is one giant junk drawer?!? :joy: I mean with specific strawberry corers and all the other gadgets he finds and loves, it’s either that or a constant churning of tossing out the old to replace with the new favorite thing.


As good as these?

Usually these veggie peeler posts by Mark are posted with comments closed many months or years in the past, as they are reposts. Nice to find a new one with comments actually open, so I can counter with this, which really is a superb veggie peeler. The 45 degree angle makes all the difference, ergonomically. @frauenfelder, you really should try it - forget the rest, this is the best!

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 23.22.34


The perpendicular business end (like this) is sooo much more ergonomic for peeling a couple dozen sevilles for marmalade. It only takes off the thin, oily, colorful, tasty layer and the rest can go in with the pulp.


I more imagine he has rooms of catalogued stuff. This one might be in kitchen storage room 4a. The previous peelers in 1c and b.




In my experience the quality of a peeler is almost entirely a function of the sharpness of its blades. I can easily train my hand to adapt to different peeler orientations.

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Yep, that’s Mark putting the garlic peelers into storage.

Just wondering if you’ve got some ‘skin in the game’ given your name?


Did you post a link to a vegetable peeler that you don’t earn commission on? That’s not how the game is played


The listing says that this peeler has replaceable blades, but the replacement blades appear to perpetually be out of stock.


[Hangs head in shame]


Turnipses? They’re ‘appealing’ for some things but grow at the wrong end of the tree for jam.



Underground Athenian hero of yestermillenia. No relation.

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But don’t you just end up only one of the blades if it isn’t symmetrical so that you can flip it over? Or do you have to alternate between peeling away and towards yourself?

Blade has stayed sharp enough ‘forever’ (I’ve had it several years). In fact, this design only has a blade on one side, the other side is a blunt bar.

I’ve only ever used any standard veggie peeler in one direction. Never had a problem only using one side of the blade (if they did indeed have two-sided blades).

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So does it force you to peel towards yourself if you are right handed and away if you are left handed, or vice versa?

The opposite. You peel away from yourself (or, rather, you pull halfway between away and from left to right - i.e. at 45 degrees) when using it naturally - i.e. in the right hand.

I do not know if they make a left-handed version but the blade can be popped out and reversed if you wanted to use it upside-down as a left handed version. But the handle is hollow underneath so it might feel different.

I find it most ergonomic to hold it with the ‘Victorinox’ on the handle in the correct orientation to read it - with the handle going from left to right across one’s body. The blade is then at 45 degrees to your body and puling away at 45 degrees using one’s lower arm in an arc and the wrist remaining fixed, is less strain on the wrist than pulling across one’s body using the upper arm or away from the body with greater strain on the wrist.

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