Great price on Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler

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The best peeler ever invented. I managed to find three at various thrift stores. But because I’m nasty, I only gave one away, to my kid, keeping two for myself. Redundancy is crucial!

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Can I use it on vegetables instead?


You mean vegetables instead of peeling the Swiss? Huh. Probably…?


They don’t usually fight back…

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Came here for…

I had heard good things about the peelers he sold and was directed here for a similar one.

Are these notably better peelers?

In today’s fairy-dust business world of corgi meme superstars and artisanal pencil sharpening service providers, breathless reviews of peelers swarm like midges over a loch. I read several during my coffee break. (Folgers instant, its gypsum and anhydric-astronaut-ice-cream notes rounded over by the anarcho-unguent mouthfeel of synth-fat microglobules, with exactly eight Nilla wafers.)

Upshot: The K-R is favored, but not the only option. Its proponents are sometimes rhapsodic, sometimes meh. Others have their champions. “Straight” versus “Y” is an epic yet fine-sliced battle of Titans, shaking the earth with their edge-of-perceptibility wrist angles and literal razor’s-edge sharpness.

The grinding of corrosion, the oppression of gravity, the greed of capitalists… all weigh on the penultimate word: YMMV. And the ultimate: The poor craftsperson blames vis tools.

My $0.02? Buy several, stage your own epic peel battle, post the vid. You will get at least one view, that’s a promise.

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