Kitsault, the Canadian ghost town


I’m sure there’s another Jim Jones out there, on the lookout for another quiet, secluded, picturesque little hamlet to stock with his followers…

It looks really clean and well maintained. I know the article mentions some renovation work since 2004 and someone working there to keep the place looking good, but I’d expect to see a lot more light and water damage at least, as well as some evidence that everything is 35 years old. For example, the swimming pool is full with no visible damage to the tiles. The buildings have no curtains, but the light hasn’t bleached the fabric of the seats. You’d imagine that the town would need some fairly major work done on it, but everything’s been purposefully kept as a museum that nobody sees. The woman who keeps it up must have an amazing amount of dedication, but I’m sure there would be a huge amount of electrical and piping work at least that would need to be done before people could live there permanently.

The CBC article mentions it has a curling rink. That’s how you know it’s a real town.

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Also happens to be a long, hard gravel road that winds through prime mushroom patch. Probably tons of people out there right now.

And aside from the plans to possibly build a LNG shipping facility and pipeline to the place, Avanti Kitsault is intending to reopen the mine.

I got to visit Kitsault shortly after Krishnan purchased the town. Some day I might use the footage I took in some kind of spooky music video or something- it was a truly bizarre experience.

All of the infrastructure needs serious work, though- so it’s not just waiting for people to move back. The undergroud electrical, the plumbing, the drainage- it’s all crumbling and blocked. Many of the houses have leaky roofs, and all of them need to be gutted and rebuilt if they are to be lived in again.

I did find an OMNI magazine in one house, dated 1982- which the caretaker generously told me to keep. It was kind of exciting! That, and the fact that the library had EVERY TOM SWIFT BOOK WRITTEN still on the shelves.

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