Grim-looking abandoned community for sale in South Dakota


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2,000 Russian women and 600 convicted male felons

That sounds kind of unsafe for the felons, doesn’t it?


Bing Maps? Really?


abandoned and grim


That might be the weirdest fantasy I’ve heard in a long time - and I have the internet.


If it’s “abandoned”, how can it be a “community”?


“Rapid City, Nebraska” should be “Rapid City, South Dakota”. Proofread, folks!


This place gets more attention than it deserves. If you want to see an awesome ghost town, drive north to Scenic, ND.


Breaking news: Pigs Knuckles, Arkansas is for selling for one US dollar.


So if I prank called the local sheriff & told him there were Muslim terrorists in Swett with bombs & guns & he sent in the local SWAT team, would I be swatting in Swett?


This is great news for the developers who are looking to expand the residential area they’ve already built on the neighboring towns, Bludd and Teers.


I’m really trying hard to understand why this would be a waste of $250k. I’m starting to love the idea.


Is Scenic for sale, or is it just a view?

As a former SD resident, I am contractually obligated to point out that Scenic, ND is in North Dakota, and unless you’re into fracking or touring missile silos dot dot dot.


I wouldn’t Swett the details.


Also, “Grim-looking” ?!??


Looks nicer than Wall Drug.


Does it have gigabit internet? Secret underground caverns for my world domination HQ?


What about Scenic, SD?


Well, I’m not sure about “a waste,” but I wouldn’t think you’d ever get a return on your money.