For sale: (1) California ghost town

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Tempting, but I’m a no on that one.


If I had the money, I would buy it and rename it “Schitt’s Creek”.

In this fantasy world where I have enough money to buy a ghost town, I also have enough money to keep the lawyers busy. And I look like Ryan Reynolds.

I love the sound of that.


“And now the story of a wealthy mining town that lost everything… and the one preservationist who had no choice but to hold it all together.

It’s Arrested Decay.”


Hah! Perfect!

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Lacking signs of life or activity, that looked like film of a diorama. I was waiting for a model train to cross the set.


Ghost town for sale. Ghosts do not convey.

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The town may be peaceful now, but it wasn’t always so. In the 1860s and ’70s, the town saw a murder per week, according to a Los Angeles Times article from 2006 about the restoration of the property. The property’s late owner, Michael Patterson, told the newspaper that the only sound for miles around “is the whistle of the wind blowing through all the bullet holes in every building up here."

*Westworld Killbots sold separately.


So the loan would actually be doable in California (40 year mortgage with some down payment is comparable to a house in San Fran).

It’s the lack of internet and potentially power and running water that really make this a dicey bid.


The sheriff is near


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Spent time here doing photography for many years. It is very well preserved and a fascinating place. So much silver was being taken out of the mountain that there were two steamboats on Owens Lake transporting the ingots from Swansea to Cartago for transport to the port in LA.


Pass, I’m a temporarily inconvenienced millionaire as the Republicans would say.


Been there. I believe the road through it is public and therefore can’t be gated off to keep out varmints. It’s also very steep dirt.

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Shots from the interior of some buildings there show modern power conduit and outlets.

What exactly happened to the people there?

Might make a nice mountain bike resort.

$1 million to buy, probably $10 million for old silver mining contamination clean-up costs.

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Seems like California is pawning off more and more ghost towns. Is that because everyone is moving out? I saw this post on the Drudge Report and on, which has more real California news.

Hey, here’s something that you (sadly) will not see happen: a go fund me is set up to raise the money to purchase the land with the sole purpose of gifting it to 1 or more Native American tribes that historically inhabited the area.

Edited to add: I hope I’m proven wrong.