Kitten fails to impress tortoise


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The kitten was even using its A-game with the sure to impress side hops…


I liked the glance at the camera: “G’way, I’m working here!!”


And then came the “WTF?!” moment:

Poor kitty, trying to be so very tall and imposing, but not getting noticed at all.


\(^ ^)/


Man that tortoise just DGAF.

That kitten was ridiculously clue, too.


I dunno, looked to me like the kitten didn’t have much of a clue about the tortoise having no fucks to give.


My kitten does that to me, too. I do my best to act horrified, but I’m not a very good actor.


Don’t worry little kitten. I’m impressed.


It’s hard to impress a wrinkled representative of one of the oldest extant reptilian lineages.

A tortoise gains the “I am hoary with the ancient wisdom of a species already deeply embedded in time before you existed” attitude about the second it loses its egg tooth, and just gets more so as it ages.

If I were slightly more inclined to magical thinking, I would actually suspect tortoises of existing in small temporal slowdown pockets, where time passes, slow and stately, as a buzzing, booming, confusion of immoderate youth species blurs past outside.


The boing boing title was good, but the video’s title “Kitten Attacks Turtle”, never remotely happens.
Thank goodness.

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