Knife Aid’s sharpening by mail service will feel like you bought a new set of knives

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I have never not been disappointed with a sharpening service. Even one that I can attend in person.

Once I found a beautiful Sabatier carbon-steel chef’s knife, probably from the 60s or 70s, in a yard sale for a quarter. I brought it to the local knife sharpening outfit of supposedly good repute, and when I got it back it was sharpened like it was a machete. Totally ruined the profile of the blade. I was so disappointed. I have yet to restore the blade to anything like its former grace; I’m not sure how I could even do that without removing more metal than I’m comfortable with.

For $65 you can get a cheap bench grinder with normal abrasive wheel and one wet wheel.
Or you can get a second-hand bench grinder and purchase (or make) a set of paper or MDF wheel and purchase some abrasive compound.

Or you can purchase a good knife sharpening jig where the stone slides on a rod and is held at a constant angle to the knife. Usually you have “stones” with various grits, including very fine grained ones included in a kit under $65.

For a price of 3 sharpenings (3x$65) you can get a tormek clone with a knife holder.

$65. Preposterous price for sharpening of five knives!

Go to literally any gun show (yes, eek, guns!) and there will be a guy who will do all your blades for $3 apiece…or less if you have a bunch to sharpen.

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