Knoll photographer


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How long before we can retire the public fascination with hoarding and get back to appreciating a fine collection. Not every odd behavior is a sickness.


Did I just concern troll the first comment? What a douche.


“knolled” – I just learned a new word, which makes it a pretty good day after all.

Hmmm, sorry, what? ‘Knoll’ means a small hill or the act of bell-tolling in all my dictionaries. Smells pretentious to me…


I always thought gnolls were a bit primitive to really appreciate art… oh, you said knoll… never mind…


For god’s sake we have a name for that it’s called THINGS THAT ARE LINED UP



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Oh look there it is Number five on wikipedia:

Knoll (verb), to arrange like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles

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Why would you insist, in a language like English, that a word has only the meanings given in a desk dictionary. You have the freaking internet at your fingertips. I am going to ask where the pretension is here, respectfully. Slamming your idea of correct seems a little pretendy to me.

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It feels like cataloging to me, versus art. I know art is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s shot so straight forwardly, it looks like they emptied the contents of a draw in a museum, with no emphasis on composition. You are simply to marvel at the items as if they were in a display case, and even though I have interest in some of the items, the repetition bored me right away.
I think it is technically very good photography, but other than your jump photo, I’m fairly uninterested, I’m sorry to say.

ABK – Always Be Knolling. For those who don’t know or who deride the practice, I can attest that it helps induce a meditative trance when the mind is cluttered with extraneous thoughts and the next step in a project does not come easily (i.e. writer’s block). Sometimes the best way to clear your thoughts is to clear your physical space. Also, Tom Sachs and this video:

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I was hoping for a set of various marijuana varieties, in order to make a similarly groan-worthy pun.

this is the single point of overlap between his collection and my collection

Look again. This was not just plopping things down on a background, snapping a shutter, printing the result. Even in the seemingly straight-forward shot of the eight-tracks you have to consider the arrangement of the labels to see the composition.

Where color and size of the objects varies, add the interplay of those elements to the changes introduced through differing shapes. This is no mere collection, no mere catalog, though the amazing collection of scissors does specifically remind me of the (also artful) catalog covers of Lee Valley Tools.

On a different scale, I doubt you’d say, "Why, that Georges Seraut! He’s no artist. That’s just a collection of little tiny dots of paint!’

Seriously, this makes me want to haul out my studio lights and get to work.

Perhaps you concern-gnolled it?

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You may be right. Like I said, art is a pretty personal thing. It just wasn’t doing it for me.
But I’m glad that you have found a muse, so go do it, I support that.

Yes, words have multiple meanings, many of them dating back hundreds if not thousands of years, and hence worthy of respect, but this meaning of “knoll” is not one of them. It’s just some obscure slang invented in 1987 by some furniture store. And I only know that because I went to look it up in Wikipedia, hoping that I’d learn that Chaucer had used it in this sense or something. Obscure and useless slang is obscure and useless.

And making two comments to make that point is, what?

You miss the point – I only looked it up on Wikipedia because of the reference given to it in the previous post. I hadn’t heard of the term but was really expecting it was a fault in my education that needed to be rectified.

I see now you are not the original poster. I am having a stupid day.