Konami Code creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto has died

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I’m not a gamer, so I don’t understand this. What does it mean?

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In the Contra video game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (I think that’s where it started), you could punch in that sequence of button presses on the controller to get more lives, reduce damage taken from enemies, etc. It’s basically the most well-known cheat code for “easy mode” in video games.


May his 30 lives rest in peace.


The “Konami Code” was a very commonly used built-in cheat in the NES era. It became famous in gaming circles. There were some variations, like requiring a second press of the B and A buttons at the end, but the basic form of the code was used in many games. It typically had to be input during a brief window at startup when the game’s logo was displayed. The usual effect was to give the player several extra lives.

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Have they tried blowing on him ad standing him up again to see if he still works?

Too soon?


It’s never too soon for comedy that good. I’m sure the Germans have a polysyllabic word for something that makes you laugh and feel bad for laughing at the same time.


I remember when I first learned about the Konami Code when trying to beat Contra on the NES with those three starter lives. After searching where else I might use the code, I then just began incorporating it where I could, for fun. The first time was when I used it for the Scarecrow Song in Ocarina of Time. Since then, I’ve used it in such things like as part of the solve to puzzle boxes I’ve designed. I’ve even taught my children about the history of the code too.

The Konami Code is just a fun thing that was brought into the world to bring people a little extra joy. We’d be fortunate to achieve such an accomplishment as well.


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