Marriage proposal by way of a modded vintage console game


Congrats! (Did she have to enter her reply through that tortuous “high score” menu?)

he hacked an NES console-game cartridge called Contra

Contra is one of the best-known, and probably best-selling video games of its era, and has spawned many, many sequels over the last couple decades. This sounds like The Olds on cable news when they talk about “a social networking web site called Facebook”.

A console-game cartridge called Contra, for the machine called the Nintendo Entertainment System that plays electronic video games on the box what displays televisèd pictures!

Also, “30 Lives” will surely be played at the wedding.

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Not only is it adorable, but this exploit has the added benefit of screening out potential wives who secretly hate your goddam video games.


I love proposals like this. They are way more romantic that the big public spectacles to me.

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I did this with Skyrim. I think she only has another 80 hours until she gets to the proposal quest.

More seriously, it’s not quite as awesome as the [Portal proposal][1]* but damn, people are popping the question in some amazing ways these days.

Just a good thing he didn’t use Battletoads…he might still be waiting.

*because GLaDOS isn’t in Contra

Unfortunately, unless she is able to beat Contra, she will never actually see the proposal.

I hear that Contra is epicly difficult. I can’t determine whether or not this is true, because I’m crap at video games. It takes a lot of faith to make a subtly modded video game and give it to someone expecting them to see a message hidden at the end – particularly if it’s a difficult one. (If my GF did this to me, I’d never know, because I’d spend a month in the training area and not know how to leave.)


The NES version isn’t quite as hard as the arcade version, plus you have the option of cheating to get 30 lives. (also the graphics are more coherent IMHO.) I spent most of freshman year getting to the point where I could beat it on one life. Turns out that was a more satisfying (and less expensive) achievement than graduating college would have been.

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