Korean band performs "Beat It" acapella

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Way to suck out all the passion and funk, Korea. This is pretty, but I don’t think that song was meant to be pretty.

Just by way of cultural precedent…

I do believe that when the movie version for “Sound of Music” was released in Korea, the theatre groups found it too long for the nation’s audiences. Their solution was simple: cut the musical parts. (Who wants to listen to Julie Andrews and those annoying brats anyway?..)

I wonder what we Yanks do with other nations’ cultural artifacts that induces facepalms…


It’s not like Hollywood didn’t use their own artistic licence with the real Von Trapp family. For example, the father wasn’t cold hearted or distant at all and Maria didn’t love him when she agreed to marry him. Maria wasn’t as sweet as she’s made out to be either:

Though she was a caring and loving person, Maria wasn’t always as sweet as the fictional Maria. She tended to erupt in angry outbursts consisting of yelling, throwing things, and slamming doors. Her feelings would immediately be relieved and good humor restored, while other family members, particularly her husband, found it less easy to recover. In her 2003 interview, the younger Maria confirmed that her stepmother “had a terrible temper. . . . And from one moment to the next, you didn’t know what hit her. We were not used to this. But we took it like a thunderstorm that would pass, because the next minute she could be very nice.”

What am I supposed to feel about this? I am confused.

Other nations have cultural artifacts? Ohhhh you mean anime, right.


I’ve said it ever since the advent of "NSync and other “boy bands”. If they ain’t playing their own instruments, it ain’t a “band”. It’s just a vocal group.

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The fake finger snapping is what does it for me.


Pretty cool

I have a different threshold for this, if I don’t like the song I don’t care what they call themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

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