Lin-Manuel Miranda and family visit an Austrian meadow and re-enact The Sound of Music

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OMG, the Trump kids love musicals too


actually I wanted t find a video of Rolf - he was such a good boy.


Bonus: Nobody had to wear curtains.


I’m not saying I could do better, but… The autotune artefacts are painful


don’t think about The Postman

I think its an unlikely scenario. But a Distraction style decline is definitely a possibility.

OMG I almost missed the time window to comment on this :slight_smile:

The Sound of Music… a great topic for confusing Austrians.
As a general rule: nobody in Austria has seen it.
The people who speak English well and who have spent a non-trivial amount of time abroad and actually talked to people from other countries know of it. Among those, a few have actually bothered to rent/pirate a copy after they came back from their stay abroad to find out what the hell everyone was talking about.

A few observations:

  • Schnitzel does not go with noodles.
  • We don’t usually use the Do-Re-Mi scale for music.
  • The green thing they are visiting in this reenactment is not “an Austrian meadow”. Some of it is the gardens of Schloß Mirabell in Salzburg. The rest are just patches of grass that happen to be in Austria. They could have gone up into the mountains a little bit?
  • Just in case anyone still believes that: “Edelweiß” is not our national anthem. And while it’s a waltz, it is an English waltz. Way too slow to be a “real” waltz.
  • Schnitzel still does not go with noodles.

In fact, The Sound of Music is great fun for Austrians to watch.
Only, if Americans are watching it in order to connect with their Austrian family heritage, they’re kind of missing the point.


This will sound dumb, but the hardest thing for me about watching videos like this is the thought that despite Mr. Miranda’s near-boundless creativity and good cheer–he and his may very well be deported in the next three or four years because they’re Hispanic they’re not white.

Thanks for wrecking my day…

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