Korean companies are world-leading producers of tear-gas, banned in their home country

first dug up by @donpark

Now that people are celebrating K-Pop Stans rising up to jam the signals at #whitelivesmatter, we need to put pressure on Korean companies that are the leading producers of tear-gas in the world to stop its manufacture, and for the current progressive Moon administration in South Korea ban their exports, especially to countries known for brutal crackdowns such as Turkey, and the U cough S. Or better yet, ban the product altogether.

According to this article, after the brutal crackdown in the middle east there were multiple domestic and international civilian movements bringing attention to this and halting exports, but due to the conservative government at the time were reversed within months. The biggest export in 2015 even consisted of a chemical that was banned for domestic use because of its toxicity.

“In 2014, exports of tear gas were allowed to resume in the condition that ‘MADE IN KOREA’ not be printed on the product” Cited companies include Dae-Kwang Chemical, still a leading manufacturer.

Another company of note is CNO-Tech.. Look at their awesome tear-gas rifles.

Korea has a long history with tear-gas. Tear gas was a regular feature all throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s until democracy was restored. In 1987, a student protestor was instantly killed by being hit by one of these canisters, and became a flashpoint that finally brought the dictator relinquishing control and return to direct-elections and democracy in South Korea.

In South Korea, tear-gas had hardly been in use in the last 20 years. Especially in the massive months of protests that brought down president Park in 2016, it was not used one single time.


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