'Koyaanisqatsi' meets fractals in mind-bending short film "Circulatory Systems"

you can’t really blame kids who find a 90 minute session of immersion in a past generation’s art boring. Repetitive music and trippy visuals have advanced quite a bit since then, so they might have to become a bit older to appreciate what Koyaanisqatsi actually is.

Maybe explaining how Koyaanisqatsi was a major influence for “modern” music videos like Gosh, Lorn’s Anvil, All Corrupt Everything or No Safety in a Body (which contains footage from Fricke’s Samsara), Max Cooper’s Repetition and Perpetual Motion and also Forrest Sword’s Crow helps them make the connection?

Or you could just hand them a spliff.

I was very surprised that a simple DDG search showed me 3 (!) links to the full movie. I always wanted to watch Fata Morgana to learn about Popol Vuh, so I guess this is my chance. The narrator takes a bit getting used to, though. :smile:

…as well as Fricke’s Chronos, and maybe Baraka and Samsara

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Cyriak FTW!


This film seems purpose-built to be impervious to mpeg compression.

Phillip Glass?

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He’s not credited, but I assume so. Sure sounds like him.

And while we’re here, another Reggio/Glass partnership that introduced me to both: Anima Mundi

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