Visitors, from Koyaanisqatsi-director Godfrey Reggio


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so what is it about, the description offers us nothing.

You’ve not seen Koyaanisqatsi, have you? :grin:

It sounds like it’s about precisely what the précis says. Those faces staring at you in the trailer, did you not feel some elemental kinship and recognition? A blurring of self and other? A feeling of spiralling around some locus of presque vu, almost seeing? The film will be more of the same, but with our reactions to technology involved.

Anyway, enough silly words.

Edit: Actually no, not enough.

I’d also like to say that watching the people in the trailer watching you back was hypnotic. It was trance-inducing. But they aren’t watching you. They’re watching something else. Media of some kind, perhaps. Something technological. And they’re in a trance, too.

“Visitors” reveals humanity’s trancelike relationship with technology

Another trailer

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The trailer seems to be pretty indicative of what the whole film will be like. It looks to be beautiful!


I’ve seen and enjoyed all six previous films. That doesn’t mean I can’t call out a text a BS.

Well, Koyaanisqatsi was about our relationship with nature, Powaqqatsi with other cultures, Naqoyqatsi with control, and this is about our relationship with technology. I mean, if the others pose no problems then I really don’t see why this should.

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I’m not gonna judge a film on a trailer, and I’m not gonna judge it on a badly written nonsense text either.

It might be nonsense to you, but both the trailers and the text were perfectly lucid as far as I’m concerned; I very much look forward to watching the whole thing. I really wonder what it is that you’re not getting here – because, believe me, jimmosk and I are getting it loud and clear.


Koyaanisqatsi is one of the most profoundly beautiful films I’ve ever seen. Immediately accessible but shockingly innovative. It stitches together shots of nature and humanity using very simple techniques that render them at once alien and intimately familiar.

This looks to me to be a lot like an earlier short film he did called “Evidence”. Put simply, it was footage of children watching TV; no commentary or editorializing of any kind. It was astounding and terrifying to see the range of emotion evoked by what the children were watching of which the viewer is never aware. This looks to be very similar thematically, though I gather from what little I’ve read that it incorporates more modern forms of media as well.

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If you ever have to do any christmas shopping on the 24th of December in the busiest shopping street your city has to offer, I heartily recommend Koyaanisqatsi on full blast from your headphones as your soundtrack of choice. It will turn that trip into an almost artistic experience.


they are watching a camera, just for the record (or a very, very clear one way mirror)

This does call to mind sections of Koyaanisqatsi (the Las Vegas and New York subway sequences), but it also reminds me of the connective tissue of Reggio and Glass’ Anima Mundi, long close-up shots of ape and big-cat eyes, and you find yourself forced to wonder what others see when they look at you (even if those others aren’t human).

It does share some dna with “Evidence”, and things like Herz Frank´s “10 Minutes Older”. But what it looks almost identical to is this;

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