Trailer for AWAKEN is a feast of gorgeous imagery


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Gave me the chill bumps all over. Truly wondrous.


Oh wow! Thank you. This looks like a successor to one of my favorite movies, Baraka, and I’ll look forward to seeing it.


My wife hates those kinds of films, but I really love them. I saw Koyaanisqatsi in the theater when it was first released, and I was totally hooked.


It was really a gorgeous planet… sigh Besides, the soundtrack makes it sound like “Apple is creating an airline”. Great trailer anyway.


Samsara was made as a direct sequel to Baraka, You probably know, but everyone should see both.


I was very eager for Samsara, and it had a lot of beautiful moments, but neither the movie nor the soundtrack moved me the way Baraka or the Quatsi movies did. Still very worthwhile, and a nice companion, but the original is my favorite by far.


And Godfrey Reggio was also behind the -qatsi trilogy. This should be as breathtaking…


This looks great. However, I watch a fair number of time lapse short pieces. Is there a contractual obligation of the editor to always us this M83 track? It is used constantly on time lapse pieces.


You know, I thought I’d heard that before.


This looks like Koyaanisqatsi for the Instagram age. The beauty is the capture, not the scene.


You may not know that there’s a sort of unofficial fourth movie in the Qatsi trilogy, a half-hour piece called Anima Mundi (The Soul of the World), released between Powaqqatsi and Naqoyqatsi: you can watch it on YouTube ( but it’s a grainy 480p transfer. Still, the Glass music is gorgeous as ever.


Outstanding! I had not known, so I’m grateful for the heads-up. Are you aware of any way to find a higher-quality version?


Dear World : Please put down your cell phones and experience stuff without the need to look at it on a little screen and record it. That is all. Thank you.


What’s striking to me about this trailer is the long shutter combined with far and fast movement shots. Like how in the heck? I’ve not seen this before. Moving, what looks like miles, in a short amount of time with the long shutter. I would love to know his secret sauce.


Yes, it’s included as a special feature on the Qatsi Trilogy Blu-Ray from Criterion. Amazon has it for about $40 US.


Anyone know what location is pictured at 1:44?


Yes, I don’t get the insistence on the most monotonous possible music routinely being chosen for this sort of thing. That track is the same darn four chords over and over. We have such a treasury of music that connotes a sense of “awe” or “wonder.” Top of my head, here are a string quartet by Britten and a chorus by Palestrina, either of which I think would be better. The visuals are stunning; we can do better on the soundtrack.


Well, there’s a reason that M83 track gets used for tons of ads and promos and trailers; for a lot of people it does a nice job of being uplifting in a short period of time while feeling contemporary and new, which string quartets and Biblical chorales don’t necessarily convey.

I’m eager to see who’s doing the music for the film itself. The soundtrack to the similar Baraka is still great stuff.

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