Kraken parasols


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What is dead may never die.


Yea, you think it’s cute now, but just wait til it suckers its tentacles all over your head!


You should check out the umbrella made by the Kraken rum guys.


Is that rum any good?


No one? Really? C’mon, QOTSA fans, this is an easy one.

Okay fine, I’ll do it:

You’ve got a monster in your parasol
You’ve got a monster in your parasol


Well that was a fun moment I had while browsing boingboing. Going from 'nope, not interested in that article. Nope not that one either. Nope, nope, nope." to “ohhh pretty parasol.”


Is there a button to release the whole top assembly?


Yeah, Kraken is pretty decent.

I prefer 85 Lashes, but they were a St. Louis local thing, not that easy to find even here, and I think they’re defunct now.


I don’t much care for rum unless it’s in some sort of fruity drink with a parasol, but I will drink Kraken with just a little soda water. I think it’s very good.


That is a pretty crackin’ parasol.


I am that fine fellow that you encountered in front of Trader Sam’s, @doctorow. and I also recommend a snap fan to complete your summer accouterments. Something like this, but I prefer the larger versions and color variations you can find in Chinatown for just as cheap.

Stay cool!


Well, thanks for that. Now we had to buy the umbrella and some t-shirts. Before your post, I did not even know that we needed those things.


Indeed, it is good.


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