Kronos Quarter on Sesame Street (1967)


Two years before the show premiered? That is amazing!

(Seriously, though, what with the hair & clothing the Quartet is wearing, it’s clear this should say 1987.)


This is good, but not as good as Naked City’s appearance in '53.

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i don’t think violinists wore leather pants in 1967.

Big Bird’s appearance is a big giveaway. He had a disturbingly small noggin back in the late 60s.

What a great performance that was (at the Neptune). Loved the Jherek Bischoff piece.

Came for the Purple Haze.

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Considering Sesame Street did not start until 1969, this is definitely 1987 as indicated on You Tube in the about section for this video.

Yes, 1987. Thanks.

…and stay for Elvis is everywhere.

That was lovely! So well scripted and the combination of their colorful outfits against the primarily gray backdrop of the set seem like a great way to engage children on an unusual musical topic.

Also, Kronos Quartet. I expect the Kronos Quarter is where you find Fernet Street.

(Just giving you a hard time…I’d have been there if I still lived in the Bay Area…presented on by my employer).

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