Kubrick’s original ending for The Shining


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I always assumed they were ok with the ending as it was.


So in this ending, is Ullman showing up because 1) He is just nice 2) He is trying to convince Wendy not to sue the hotel or 3) He has hots for Wendy (seriously dude, TOO SOON!).


There’s also the wonderful theory that the ending is the beginning.

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Is this the version that plays the movie backwards and forwards at the same time? I saw a video on YouTube that showed the highlights. It worked well.


Last time I read about that I don’t think anybody had superimposed them yet. I really want to check that out.

I first read about the backwards theory probably well over 10 years ago. Who knows? I probably saw it on bOING bOING.


Kubrick felt that we should see them in the hospital so we would know that they were all right.

Then why did he remove the scene?

For the record, I prefer the edited version. Horror should leave much to the imagination.


I found it. Room 237. Here is a link to a copy (with dots over it to avoid copy write detection )
I think I originally watched this on Netflix.

The backward stuff starts around the 1 hour mark. The whole thing is interesting.


I prefer the Director’s Cut that ends with a sped-up chase through the hedge maze set to “Yakkity Sax.”


I saw the deleted ending on opening night and then was very confused when I saw the movie a few weeks later without it. It didn’t really add anything, but it did provide a buffer between Jack frozen in the maze and the slow dolly into the 1921 photograph.


Or people could, ya know, actually read the damn book.


Not really a reliable indicator of how Kubrick’s movies are going to end. For example, in Red Alert (the Peter George novel that was adapted into Doctor Strangelove) the world IS saved from nuclear catastrophe.



You know, I assumed this existed but didn’t bother Googling it. The internet rarely disappoints.


That guy is way off his rocker. What a rambling mess, wandering from theory to theory. The part where he just throws in how all these film experts agree with his faked moon landing stuff is not helping.


I might have been was really high when I watched that last year. Today, I just skimmed forward until I found the backwards forward stuff.

Note to self: Quality check


I’m pretty sure being high is the only way this can be thought of as being consistent.


Let’s face it folks, the original cut of it was the best.


My mind was a bit more fluid than normal that day.


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