Kura Toga mechanical pencil picked by Wirecutter as favorite mechanical pencil

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Pentel Sharp 4 Lyfe.

I’ve been using one for year. I had to have a friend send it from Japan. The problem I have is that the harder leads sometimes rip the paper.

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+1 for the username <3

Caran D’ache 844 is my mechanical pencil of choice.

When I took a drafting course at university, we were told to buy Pentel P205 pencils and that’s been my favorite since then.

I have the same Kura Toga pencil as you and don’t really like it because it’s too light. It feels cheap.

Just bought a Kura Toga after the second Pentel .5 pencil, which I love, failed within a year. One drawback is that the plastic cap for the eraser may get lost and is necessary for the smooth clicking to extend the lead.

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