Kurt Russell and The Osmonds go behind the scenes at Disney's Haunted Mansion


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It’s weird hearing Snake Plisken being so informative and helpful.


Perhaps if you think of him as Dexter from The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Before Snake Plisken, he spent some time making films for Disney. Those of us who are older remember thinking it was weird to see him playing such a badass in .Escape from New York


I thought he was dead.


Yeah, you and everybody else!


… he will always be Phil Gerard Jr.

(And his father “Bing” appears in the episode too.)


Kurt Russel in “Now You See Him, Now You Don’t” vies in my ancient memories with Jimmy from HR Puffenstuff for First Real Crush.

Before that it was Mr. Rogers vs Captain Kangaroo. And Dumbo. But those weren’t crushes; that was True Love.

After Now You See Him etc, my first REAL crush (4th grade) was Hans Solo. And Frodo.

P.s. the Haunted Mansion clip brought me great delight, thx!!! And clearly set off a memory fire.


Oh, I do remember that movie, and the sequels, but “Escape from New York” was what made Russell stand out to me, all those years ago. Ugh. “The Strongest Man in the World”. That was not a good film.


That Kurt Russell is going to be big someday. I heard it from Walt himself in this last known footage of him.


If I was old enough to have seen this at the time, I’m sure 19-year-old Kurt Russell would have been the subject of Confusing Thoughts as I lay face-down in bed that night.

Though, the creepy and disturbing content in this film might have taken the edge off that. By which, of course, I mean the Osmonds.


… he will always be Quano.


Fuck boomers this, and fuck boomers that…

I think that we turned out OK considering that our mothers drank while pregnant and that our media landscape mostly had dialogue like this.


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