Review: 'Pee-wee's Big Holiday' (loved it)


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It was great, agreed!


Awesomely awesome!


Any large Marge type of surprises? I just watched Big Adventure with my young daughter, and she was scared stiff by Marge. I had to watch the rest to make sure it wasn’t equally scary. I’d rather not have to watch all of Big Holiday by myself first…


Oh man. The Large Marge scene in the first movie is definitely scary, it never stopped me as a kid from enjoying all of the movie but it certainly leaves a lasting impression. Looking back at it now i’m not sure if i’d skip that scene or not were i to watch it with a kid, personally i love that scene.


Large Marge still scares me! There is a sort of scary thing at the end (with the Queen like the Corinthian for a moment) but not as scary as Large Marge.


There’s nothing anywhere near as scary as Large Marge in this film.



I enjoyed P-WBH a lot. Surprise after surprise, creative and amazingly well timed.

Rather than seeming tired or out-of-touch or grouchy over revisiting an old role, Reubens has made Pee-wee more Pee-wee than ever. He and everybody else seem to be having fun.

I have one relative (maybe two) who might go “Hey?” over Pee-wee’s kinda-gay friendship with Manganiello. So I can imagine a lot of prudes and moral scolds hyperventilating over that. But, fuck 'em. This was a fine, fun, family friendly movie.


This is my pat answer when I can’t remember something, like everyday too.


Fucking Roger That!


There are at least two images later in the film that you’d probably rather evaluate on your own, just to be on the safe side.


Normally Tim Burton has a whole movie to balance “naive childhood fantasy” with “dark and spooky.”

I think the “Large Marge” scene was the result of having to balance about 90 minutes of the former with 2 seconds of the latter.


awesome moral compass are still keeping him out of trouble

And the image you show on the RSS feed is him riding in the front seat of a car without a seatbelt…


Pee-wee lives the thug life.


My wife and I had to pause the TV for about 10 minutes to clear the tears out of our eyes after the “corduroy pillows” one-liner sunk in. Seriously, the simplest things are the funniest in all 3 of his movies.



I thought the romance was sweet.


But what was with the dream sequences, especially the one with the jousting? In super slow-mo. Speaking in spanish. In suits.


I tell you what, the Magic Mike joke totally cracked me up.