Excellent trailer for Pee-wee's Big Halloween


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I understand the seasonal joke, but don’t his clips almost feel like a better fit for Cape Fear?


We all know the real spook here is Large Marge







I would watch it.

I feel like there was a missed opportunity by not changing “The Boogie Man” to “The Boogie Herman” and following it with the clip of him smashing the glasses at the bar with the music stripped out. Or not. What do I know?


In the “I don’t need to tresspass” exchange, either he or she needs to be flopped right-left to make the eye lines work.


Paul Reubens has got some seriously creepy acting chops.


New Peewee film? Excited! Oh.


RIP, Large Marge!


Don’t post a headline that makes me think there is a new Pee Wee film and then take it away from me.



Reubens was really good in an Everybody Loves Raymond, as the overly intense owner of a comic book store.

(When the character later appeared as a series regular, he was played by Chris Elliott in an entirely different manner.)


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