Trailer for Pee-wee's Big Holiday


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pee wee gif party to celebrate?


The takeaway from this upcoming Netflix movie is that Paul Reubens (63) is immortal.


Massive awesomeness beyond my wildest imagination! Really!


Please let us have Large Marge.


When the last vestiges of humanity lie in dust and sapient cockroach-men roam the Earth, Paul Reubens will wait out the eons playing bridge with Tina Turner, Patrick Stewart and Cher.



Pretty sure I saw Simone in there :smiley:


He’s been doing the bow tie thing for longer than I’d thought.


I bet that they will be using some impressive DRM to protect that flick.


he’s on a couple skits on The Gong Show, too.

and the bus driver in Meatballs 2

and the insane guy Cheech and Chong make a deal with in IIRC Nice Dreams

but no bow tie, though :slight_smile:



aw, the .gif cuts out the funniest part!

Burton accidentally-on-purpose left the chain feeding thru a hole in the bike carrier in the shot

edit: the damn watermark is in the way but you can still see it


as a pee wee fan from back in the day (as the young’uns say), i’m cautiously optimistic. this has all the hints of being a return to form.


Just look at 'em



I also loved him in Cheech & Chong…


I thought that was established back in the 90’s


everything about this video is perfect

“Francis” is in it, but I always forget that Ice-T is in it, too (red adidas gear)

I’m also going to post the “answer” track that EPMD did, The Steve Martin. Only tangentially related, but it’s great

and here’s how to do the step, even


Also not a bow-tie, but distinctive neckwear:

from Blow


Mashup with Tequila song: