LaCie 'Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2': ridiculously fast desktop storage


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Raid 0! Shudders Twice the space, Twice the failure rate!


Tested rate: 1400+MB/sec…

So the real-life speed for end-users should be about 50-60MB/sec.

Back up early, back up often, consider soft-RAID on any data you can’t afford to lose…

That’s 11Gbps. That’s really impressive, consumer grade hardware can’t keep up with that with any kind of real workload. You pretty much need a dummy application just dumping data to the drive as fast as possible to even have a shot at hitting that limit.

I might be a statistical anomaly but the couple of drives I purchased from LaCie both conked out on me. I’m not necessarily down on the company but I’m not going to buy anything from them right out of the gates.

What I need this for? Well, let’s just say I’ll order with a very large box of kleenex.

“what else you’d want this for?”

Funny you should ask. “Hacker News” has been down and restoring backup for over 10 hours today.

“My hard disk crashed, my hard disk crizzashed,
That’s where all my good porn was stizzashed…”

(From one of the better entries from the “remix this collection of disk-crash noises” contest some years ago.)

Somewhat more frivolous, but the first possibility that struck me was virtually eliminating level loading times in games.

I’ll tell you what I want this for- my home/work recording studios. This would be absolutely brilliant.

Welllllll… a ramdisk doesn’t do that much better than a regular SSD so that might not work out.

To my eye, gameplay begins at 43 sec with ramdisk, 46 sec with SSD. Traditional HDD is as expected hideously awful at ~108 seconds.

Okay, so this ‘ridiculously fast desktop storage’ is 6.5% quicker than SSD, gotcha.

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