128GB SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive for $22

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Does anyone know the failure rates for these kinds of high-capacity thumb drives?

Also, does there exist a RAID-style setup like a Drobo for USB sticks, so you can fairly fail-safe expandable storage using several of these kinds of cheap sticks? (Or maybe Drobo already has this.)

Not sure about failure rate - but the Cruiser brand is SUPER SLOW. Sandisk sells a faster brand stick, but the price reflects the speed. I use these as recovery disks for both OSX and Windows partitions.

You can buy multi-packs of these at Walmart - if that gives you an indication as to their quality.


I bought a 128GB SanDisk about a year ago for $40 It’s plugged it into my car to play mp3.


No experience with this model but the last 128gb USB stick I bought on a boingboing mention was SUPER SLOW. Both that one and this one are USB 2.0 so keep your speed expectations very humble.

Good if you need the backup only kinda usage.


Holy hell that’s a lot of porn. That’s like one whole internet, how long would it take to watch that much porn?

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Perhaps someone should conduct an experiment…

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DivX quality, DVD quality, or Blu-ray quality?

DivX is about one CD-R (800MB)/hr. So that’s 160 hrs.

DVD is about 2GB/hr. So 64 hrs.

Blu-Ray is about 12 GB/hr. So about 10 hrs.

You can still verify experimentally if you want, of course.


I bought a 128GB SanDisk Ultra Flair. It gets alarmingly hot within a minute or two. I tried to store an encrypted (by me) partition on it (because their utility is worthless*) and half the files I put in the partition were instantly corrupted. The reviews mentioned the heat but SanDisk repeatedly said it was normal and not an issue. Combined with the corrupted files, I don’t really agree.

*It’s worthless because having to take the files off the disk in order to get at them renders the point of the encryption moot for me.

The (slower?) SanDisk Ultra 64GB also runs alarmingly hot but I’m not as worried about it.

I’m guessing the regular, not-at-all-Ultras (like the one Mark mentioned) are fine. I’ll keep buying SanDisk for my SD cards but for fast USB 3.0 flash drives, I have to find another company.

I just need ten smaller ones because my wife puts them down for just a minute and now can’t find it…


that’s a good idea… i could get rid of the ipod classic that i have in the glove box, which is only 160GB anyway. crazy world we live in.

Does it fully exploit a USB 2.0 bus, or is it even slower?

Just don’t complain if you put down your wife and then can’t find her

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I don’t worry about that, I’d stake out the kettle and find her making tea after about an hour.


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