Get this SanDisk 200GB MicroSD card at a great price

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@frauenfelder The link is dead. Fixed…

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Mentioning what that great price is in the post would be less click-baity


Per this review page, it reads at 90 MB/sec, not 100, and it writes at 30. That’s fine for a hobbyist application and it’s a great price. The project I’m working on required faster writes so I went with this card; it costs twice as much and writes at 80+.


Yes, storage (solid state) devices: prices notably downward (at least in terms of bucks/byte)

While graphics cards continue at ridiculously inflated prices. (China tariffs? bitcoin farming? industry trusts? gamers? NFGCs (non-fungible graphics cards?))

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How many IBM cards worth of data does this thing hold? A lot.
It’s over a million boxes of 2000 cards, each box being ~1/4 cubic foot.
That’s a warehouse about 14 ft high by 150 feet on a side.


Man. When I built my first PC I was excited to get two 330MB drives for $300 each.

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They’re actually great for archiving data. Much better and cheaper than those bulky old 3.5-inch hard drives that will fail after a few years. But, careful with these micro SDs. If you sneeze while handling them near an open window, you’ll lose 10 years worth of data.

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It’s Bitcoin mining.

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In 1981 I sold computers at a local computer retailer (Computerland). The IBM PC had just been release and was not available with a hard drive. A customer who managed a mailing list needed more storage than the standard double floppy drives could handle so I had to add a third party hard drive: a Tallgrass 5 MB drive the size of a shoebox and costing $1995.00.

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I think FLASH is not great at archiving data. I think if attached to a power source they do OK (or maybe only if the controller “does something” to keep it fresh?), but unpowered, especially exposed to fairly high heat they don’t. Like I remember talking to an iPhone hw eng about it, I wanted to know how we got “the good FLASH” so cheaply, and he said we totally didn’t, but for something like in iPhone it didn’t matter as much because people normally keep them charged and on the majority of the time, and seldom put them in the trunk of a car at the airport for three weeks (it was his assertion that less then a month in the trunk of a car at SFO causes noticeable data loss for most FLASH storage, the cheaper the sooner)

So before actually using FLASH for archival storage I would really double check that… (and this was ~a decade ago, I expect state of the art has changed, but I also expect state of the art in MicroSD is “how many corners can we shave to make it cheaper” not “can we make this last longer in the trunk of a car?”)

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Flash is heat tolerant, and not based on DRAM, but maybe if it’s taking the heat and sun off the parking lot the control circuit could age, or the solder grow tin whiskers to short it out.

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