Super deal on SanDisk 256GB microSD cards

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Now you can lose even more data in a single catastrophic accident!


Now I can take the entire 1980s tv run of sitcoms with me when I travel.


Coincidentally I’m also looking for micro SD cards. But I want the absolute cheapest possible, storage capacity be damned. All it has to do is store a handful of images for display on a tiny 320x240 Arduino-driven LCD shield. I went to a store yesterday and the cheapest they had was $19.


That’s a lot of .gcode files for my OctoPi


7 bucks for 16 gb

There are cheaper and smaller cards, but shipping eats up any savings.

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Newegg, B&H, and Adorama have them at the same price point.


Best Buy price-matches.


Yeah, it gets to a point where these storage devices are so small, and the lower capacity ones so cheap, that a bulk buy of say 5 64gb micro cards is just as convenient to haul around as one 256gb one.

(and yes, I know that if you only keep one card in your device it’s much harder to lose, but a small container with a few cards in it isn’t that inconvenient or difficult to keep track of either).

Does Best Buy price match third party vendors?
Does Best Buy price match things that aren’t in stock (such as bargain basement 4gb cards)?

Around here the pharmacies have an electronics aisle, with craptacular as-seen-on-TV gadgetry and super cheap SD cards that are smaller than the popular sizes. I got one for $5 a while ago.

But really your best resource is to ask all your friends and co-workers to check that drawer in the home or office where almost but not entirely useless things accumulate. There’s always some ancient USB and SD memory in there!

Be careful buying the cheapest card. Some fakes out there. Then again it depends on how much you value your data.

I don’t know what their official policy is, but in my experience the answer is “yes” if it is a vendor selling through Amazon and it comes up as the main Amazon listing. When I’ve done it the salesman just did a cursory web check on their phone, and issued me a price correction, I don’t think they looked carefully enough to see who the vendor was.

For not-in-stock, the answer is “no”.

Years ago BB was a terrible place to look for consumables like this, as their inflated prices seemed to be their primary revenue stream. Now, especially for something like flash memory where you probably want brand-name from a reliable source to avoid fakes, it is a great source.

BTW, I recently had a Samsung micro SD card fail, and rather than spend the $8 for an identical replacement I tried out their (Samsung’s) warranty. It worked, I got a replacement, but they made me jump through a few hoops. With overnight shipping in both directions between Hawaii and New Jersey, the cost to them for honoring the warranty was quite high.

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