Samsung 128GB MicroSD for $29

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I wonder if the price drop is in response to the new “tough” cards from Sony.

Although I must say I would have a tough time affording these.

SF-G32T/T1 – 32GB - $72.99
SF-G64T/T1 – 64GB - $131.99
SF-G128T/T1 – 128GB -- $275.99

Who cares, but I rem trying to source 4gb 3.5" hard drives for <$100 in 2000.

ETA: These should sell for pennies, and surely will soon.


So, if these things aren’t “tough” does that mean they aren’t reliable? If they aren’t reliable, can I RAID them? How long until there are boards where I can have 20 of these things giving me several TB of storage in a minimal form factor but RAID mirrored/striped so I can throw them away as they burn out? How long until I can bulk load 20 MicroSDs like a cartridge and hot-swap them onto a board that supports hundreds of MicroSDs? Is a new RAID standard needed: MRAIDDs? (Massively Redundant Arrays of Independent Disposable Drives)


either i’ve had horrible luck with micro sd cards, or they fail at an exceptionally high rate even when handled very very carefully or left in place in a device or adapter. i’ve had many brands but mostly stuck to samsung or other more reputable brands and still not had much luck. never had much of an issue with other media types including their larger sibling SD cards.

i wonder how much tougher these really are? they emphasize physical ruggedness but it hasn’t been physical damage to the micro sd cards that have caused them to fail, at least in my case.

i’d pay extra for more internal toughness as in more read/writes cycles and lower internal component failure rates.


My first USB stick is still sitting in my office drawer: 128mb, bought in Japan in the late 90s for like 4,000¥ I think.

My brain has a hard time coming to terms with current data densities.

That’s the goal. Since they were just announced they have seen much if any real world use.

That’s a cool idea. I have no idea what that would involve.

I don’t know if you follow the camera trends but in the last few weeks Nikon and Canon both released new lines of mirrorless cameras to compete with Sony. Both of them only offered single card slots to reduce camera size and price. Folks lost their collective minds. I have never had a card fail but it it common enough that I shoot redundant since my older camera has dual slots.

So this new SD card is interesting if it actually delivers in reducing failure rates enough that dual slots start to seem unnecessary (Although there are other reasons to have dual slots).

Edited to add:

This really is timely. Tony Northrup just posted a questionnaire on this. He is trying to collect data on just how bad card failure is. Questionnaire only takes a few seconds and doesn’t ask for any personal info.

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