Prime day's data storage deals

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I’m definitely in the market for large backup drives, and are some at the link.

However, the low end commodity backup drive seem like they’re made with the absolute worst grade of hard drives which seems like the absolute worst idea for a backup drive.

I really wish I had hard data on which is more reliable both in terms of brand, such as Seagate versus Western digital, and specific models. Instead I get lots of Amazon reviews which alternate between glowing and horrific. :-/

Is there a difference between these two micro sd cards, besides the color and extra $2Screenshot_20201014_091730

A cute star and the word Extreme?


I mean yeah, that star really sells it, doesn’t it?


They appear to both be UHS-1 chips. So I’d expect them to perform within the same QA limits.

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WD blacks have all worked well for me.

I also like the ones that are advertised as DVR hard drives. They are rated for continuous use for some set number of years, 5 or 10.


I was thinking of the 12TB WD Elements drives for $175 to increase my RAID. But, this price is only $5 less than I paid last year for 12TB WD EasyStore disks. Basically, they are the same thing. Generally, EasyStore costs more because of marketing and/or a possible mild difference in the drives (air vs. Helium perhaps). Overall, it’s a year later and the price is basically the same as Best Buy on Black Friday. Disappointed.

See BlackBlaze’s quarterly reliability reports.


The unfortunate thing about Backblaze’s numbers is that over the years quality varies year to year and brands don’t seem to matter for consistent quality. So by the time a specific size/model proves itself in Backblaze’s numbers, it’s already obsolete, out of production, and hard to find. It doesn’t mean the newer model will perform equally well.

Noisy though, if that’s a concern for you. They sound like the damn thing is dying when under load but no, that is how they sound.

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Friends - Amazon Prime Day is a toxic, destructive thing which is contributing to torch this one world we’ve got to live in. Shun it.


The red one has 90mb write and 160mb read. The yellow is 90mb and 100mb. I can see no reason for the yellow to cost more.

I wonder if the Nintendo-branded cards are coated with denatonium benzoate to prevent kids from putting them in their mouths like they did with the Switch cartridges.

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