Good deal on 200GB microSD card

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I wonder why the odd size? Does it have backup blocks in reserve, or is it binned from a 256GB production line?


Wondering what sort of message you need 200gb to store. Going to read them War and Peace until they get sick of it?


If you have a family member who want’s to take 1000s of pictures on their phone, or videos, you need that 256GB for your microSD card. Probably need one of those 512GB, or Terrabyte cards if their phone supports it. (my phone only supports up to 256GB card)

I just bought a couple 256GB SD cards so that I could dump as much of my ripped CD collection as I could onto my phone so I can have all my music when I go out for a jog, or mow the lawn, and not need to swap music out every couple weeks when I feel like listening to something different. It’s beyond a pain-in-the-butt to load anything into the card when it’s in the phone, needs to be removed and put into a real card reader to make it practical, and its a real pain-in-the-butt to get the thing in and out. Best if I can just dump all my music there once and not need to f*** with it every couple weeks to swap music out.

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For me, the post’s link goes to a $33 200GB microSD card. If I happen to choose the 256GB model, I can buy one, with Prime, for $35.

Not saying the 200GB isn’t a good deal but the 256GB has to be so much better.

Aside from that speaker what else uses MicroSD cards these days. Sure ain’t phones in the US?

Raspberry Pis use them for their primary storage and OS.

Seems to be a 6 year old design, from back when the 200GB card was a record breaking increase from 128GB and as much as they could fit on a micro SD card. It was also $400.

I guess they want to get the most use out of the tooling? I have no idea why they still sell it when the 256GB card is almost the same price.

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Aside from a number of non-apple phones which still have microSD slots (my Samsung phone has one for instance), There are also a number of Tablets which use microSD, and devices such as the better Roku models (although they only use it as extra capacity for storing apps so that the device doesn’t need to re-download the app when you want to use it, so don’t need large capacity). And of course the main driver for the higher capacity (and higher speed) cards is the camera market. There are cameras in the 100Megapixel range on the market now. Not to mention video. The newer microSD standards are all geared towards things like cameras and recording video.

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