512GB SD cards out--with $800 price tag


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Kryder’s Law dictates that these will be in the bargain bin at Walmart in about a year.


I wonder what kind of flash it uses? MLC? What’s the expected lifetime on this device? SD cards aren’t exactly known for their longevity to start with.

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I was going to question the name “Extreme Pro”, but apparently they’ve been using that for a while now, for some strange reason.

I’ve washed them, dried them and they still work.
I’ve chopped them, fried them and they still work.
I’ve steamrolled them, microwaved them and they still work.
I’ve blended them in a Vitamix, fed them to a Civet, picked through its feces for the pieces, made coffee with them, and they still work.
I’ve shot one through a 12-gauge at a concrete wall, jackhammered it out of the wall, soaked it in acid, baked it in a kiln and it still works.


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First assignment I got at Wired was interviewing Kryder!

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My laptop drive has fewer bits.

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Images seem a bit richer, with complex smoky overtones after post-processing by a civet.


's alien tech I tells ya. Alien tech.

Long, sequential reads flow smoother out of the card.


I found my data had become safely encapsulated in byte-sized chunks.

I was tired of people complaining about these yesterday. These are intended for a narrow set of people, so they’re not going to sell a lot. It’s also new tech, so it’s expensive for that reason as well. Complaining about the price of something with these characteristics is rather stupid, especially for people who should know better.

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There must be some law of physics that says memory expands by x each year. I think it wonderful that I can put all the books I want on two four gig Kindle Paperwhite. With 512 GB I could probably carry the British Library in my pocket. Lead me to it.

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Wow they must be really heavy

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What does that mean? I don’t even

I think that is because the line between consumer and professional products is often more blurred than it used to be.

If you buy this as a hobbyist today, then that’s a pretty strong sign that you have more money than sense.

Professional users on the other hand have paid substantial premiums for seemingly marginal improvements over the “normal” ever since the stone age and it rarely bothers people.

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At 90 MB/s write speed, this should be good for 1.5 hours of video.

Data rates for raw 4k video

The applications are that most likely to need more than 256 GB are also more likely to demand more than 90 MB/s transfer rates.

Sure, 512 GB might be convenient, but it’s not absolutely critical. And unfortunately, for sandisk, convenience rather than need is unlikely to sell very many $800 sd cards.