Solve your MacBook storage needs with Nifty MiniDrive - just $39.99

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Or just buy a 128 GB SD card or use the adapter that comes with the mini SD card cause $40 for a fancy adapter is stupid.


Missed opportunity! You could totally get the Amazon money with one of these and they’re half the price!

Or, for those who have less money, spend two dollars on ebay.


Just to be clear:

  1. No MicroSD card included! If you are thinking this thing will give you 128GB of disk space extra for just 40$, think again. It’s just an adapter and you have to buy/bring your own MicroSD card. A decent 128GB microSD card will easily set you back another 80$ - 100$ or more…

  2. The speed of this thing will not be anywhere close to the speed of your built-in SSD. Of course, being just an adapter it does not have a speed rating by itself, but even the fastest MicroSD cards out there will not do 100MB/sec. (btw, your Mac’s SSD does 2000MB/sec…)


You can’t show your face at the cafe with a cheap generic SD adapter that doesn’t color coordinate with your Macbook. That’s not the Apple Way.


Wow. Such Apple. Many style. Much pretentious.

P. S. This is just a MicroSD card adapter without the actual MicroSD card. Whenever you buy a MicroSD card it comes with an adapter for free. But they aren’t silver, I guess that’s worth $40?? :-/


Feel free to mock the store, we all do because it is full of this kind of thing…
Welcome to BoingBoing…


You can get a legitimate Samsung 128GB micro SD card from Amazon for like $40less than $50 these days.

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You also better hope Apple doesn’t slightly alter their design in the future as well or else you’ll end up with a fancy aluminum thingy that you can’t actually use anymore.


yes, except that “the Minidrive” sucks. i needed a new one for an older macbook, and it was not clear to me that the “real” (nifty) minidrive would fit properly. “The Minidrive” advertised compatibility with the c2d macbook pro, so i bought it.

big mistake. the fit and finish was so bad that my microSD card would. not. fit. in… no matter how hard i tried.

when i contacted them about it i got no response from them. then i was sent some kind of survey from amazon, and i slammed them… which resulted in an email saying “gee we’re so sorry… we’ll send you out a new one right away!!”

it never came.

you get what you pay for. i have the original Nifty Minidrive from kickstarter and it worked beautifully.

i wholeheartedly do not recommend the “The MiniDrive”. they suck.

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you have entirely missed the point. the adapters that come with microSD cards are the size of an SDHC card. the design of the apple machines is such that an SDHC card sticks out the side about 1cm. the aforementioned adapters fit flush with the laptop’s case, which is a really nice feature. if you want to lay blame, lay blame with apple for not wanting to waste space on their PCBs and using a short SDHC socket. having to cope with apple’s design decision does not make the user stupid.

This will not work with the MacBook, which only has a single USB-C cable for expansion. It WILL work with the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.

‘We have altered the design of every port right across our product range. Pray we do not alter it further’


No, we’ll continue to lay blame on this silly product, because while Apple’s decision to make a short slot is mildly annoying, this thing is still 20 times the cost of other, electrically equivalent custom adapters for MacBooks.

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not for long though … if you believe the rumors the SD-Card slot is going away in the next iteration of the MacBook Pro

you said it yourself - electrically equivalent. my point is that these “me too” adapters are very much mechanically inferior to the original. unfortunately i learned that the hard way.

Could you not just cut down a full sized SD card adaptor?

The standard SD card adapter puts the microSD right at the back, so unfortunately no. You can buy one of the cheap $2 short adapters though, since these adapters are passive and for all intents and purposes function like a strangely shaped short bit of cable, so the only advantage of this “high end” version is that it looks a bit fancier on the end.

Moreover, the vendors of such cards like to quote read speeds which can be several times higher than write speeds-- quite bothersome when trying to buy a card for video recording and burst,

well, if you did, you’d cut the microSD card in half :slight_smile: