Boost your MacBook's internal storage without the bulk


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whee ad reruns.
and again oh boy a micro SD adapter that doesn’t stick out or clash with the color of your macbook.
well whatever.


This one isn’t an adapter.

It’s an SD card that doesn’t stick out or clash with the color of the MacBook.



So $40 for an adapter. They don’t even throw in a 8GB micro sd card for you.


Huh. I had just read this article, not the linked one, and that’s the impression I got.

I stand corrected.


The SD card slot is connected through a pokey USB 2.0 hub chip (as documented here), so you’ll never get the performance promised by the card. Better to stick a USB 3.0 flash drive into a USB 3.0 socket; low-profile sticks designed for Macbook are plentiful.


I missed it in the article, and only noticed it IN SMALL TYPE on the actual order page.

I’ve actually bough cool little things off the BB shop before, but this seems like a scam.


Yeah, the BB ad copy is, I would say, rather misleading. From the ad I also thought that the device had built-in storage. And I why wouldn’t I when it’s called the " Nifty MiniDrive for MacBooks" not the " Nifty Flushmount MicroSDCardAdaptor for MacBooks".


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