Good deal on a high-speed 256GB flash drive

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temperature proof

Oh cool, so they’re made of unobtanium from The Core.


I got one of these and hardly ever use it. I got it for my key chain and lets just say the asymmetrical shape caused a lot of problems, half the time it sticks out at a 90 degree angle from the other keys.

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I like the ones with double connectors.
Very handy for getting stuff on/off the phone too!

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I have one on my key ring and I am amazed how it never gets in the way. It always lays flat with the keys. Now I have a lot of keys but it never gets in the way.

I am a mechanic who works outdoors a lot, so I can assure you it is water proof, I have soaked it dozens of times. I have also dropped it stepped on it and generally abused it for almost a year. I hated always having to run back to my truck to get a drive


Wow. Let me put this in perspective for any younguns in the room: 30 years ago, I wrote a press release for a hard drive made by Fujitsu. It was the first hard drive to break the “$10-per-megabyte barrier”… it was 500mb, and it sold for… $4,995. Yes, that’s a hair under five.thousand.dollars. This 256GB flash drive is 1/20th the size, and holds 512x the data – for less than 1% of the cost :0 Moore’s Law is alive and well !


ISTR Orca came out with 500MB around the same time, and the first 5 year warranty evar!
(They went out of business after 3 years of course. :roll_eyes: )

Years ago I got a 256MB flash drive as a splashy gift, it was close to $100 at the time. Now my local computer shop gives away flash drives 128x as large for free sometimes. Jeepers.

My 256MB still works, and while I can’t load an OS or a movie on it, it’s big enough to be useful for transporting quite a lot of documents, spreadsheets, source code, etc., which is what I used it for from the start.

Thanks @frauenfelder, I’ve been needing a replacement for my current 256gb drive & had eyed this one. I was procrastinating because of the price, but no more!

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