Lady in red triggers bullfight chase at André Rieu concert

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Soon as the bull came out, all the old ladies adjusted their glasses, opened their phone covers and started grand gestures to record the event.

Nice to see communities with some vibrant space where these sorts of event can happen and it not be a stadium or purpose-built facility.


The spirit of Liberace is still with us. I didn’t think that sort of thing could still fill a stadium, but hey! It looks like a good time for all.


Some local context as someone who lived a few streets away (close enough to hear the music from my bedroom) for a few years:

Maastricht is André Rieu’s hometown, and where he still lives when not on tour. The concerts take place on the Vrijthof, which is one of the city’s two large central squares. They essentially take over the square for a month in the summer, erecting a stage and putting out seating- while they’re there, the stage and seats are also used for the local university’s graduation ceremonies. The other big square, the Markt, is used for bus parking for concertgoers.

At other times of year, the Vrijthof is used for various public events including Carnival, an annual funfair, and a Christmas market.


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