Landscape alphabet (c.1818-1860)


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I am going to print these out for my son, who is hyperlexic and obsessed with the alphabet in any form. He’s going to LOVE these. Thank you.

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Am I the only one thinking this would make one badass nursery wallpaper or fabric???


Yeah, I thought about it right away too. I want to photoshop them into a big mural, and then use a “print your own wall mural” service. I even was so arrogant to imagine others might want to print it.

I started wondering about the copyright issues I’d face. At first I thought, “hey easy, this is old stuff and it is out of copyright”. But it’s not: this is a set lithographs, and they are the property of the museum. They are willing to license photos that they took of these objects for free for non-commercial use, but you have to pay for commercial use. The photos, having been taken recently, are most certainly under copyright.

This is a funny corner of IP law that I never thought about before. It seems that the jump from one media to another is a gate, and the owner of the physical object can prevent the intellectual property from entering the public domain if they want by enforcing their copyright on the photos they take of the object itself. :frowning:


That is so disappointing. I also assumed that it would be for public use. However, I know that museums do have rights to photos of their collections even when the stuff in the collection is old, so I guess this makes sense.

I wonder how much it’d cost to license this - seems like being a museum they might be willing to arrange a deal if they could have the right to sell it through their museum shop or get a cut or something. They are simply beautiful.

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